Welcome back! I hope all of you have had a very joyful and fruitful summer holiday. I also hope all of you have spent your time to learn new and different things; to gain new knowledge. In the new school year, I think you will have set up your own goals or targets that you wish to achieve. For me, I also share this same way of thinking. Before I plan, I have to revise and evaluate the previous things that have been done for what has been effective and whether the targets and objectives I have set have been achieved. As you will see the banner on the stage behind me shows the blueprint of what I and the school have done in the past three years. I have learned to reflect on what I have done and to find ways to improve. For example, we set up the STEAM curriculum and improved the IT facilities and IT network!

Principal’s Message                     

3rd Sept 2018

Principal-Mr. Stephen Li


                The Ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates once said that “the unexamined life is not worth living. If an individual does not reflect on their values and life and just lives life like they are going through the motions, then they behave like a mere cog (gear) in the machinery of the human universe.” When we have experiences, whether good or bad, we should always question them and our personal actions, and what drives them. In turn, we should remodel our character in a way that we feel is the most appropriate to us and according to what others think.


                A life that has not been examined has no author, for the individual did not live his life but merely followed the force of nature or others. It is very important for individuals to examine themselves, for it helps them to find their place in the society.  According to Socrates, “for the individual, life is supposed to be for personal and spiritual growth.” An individual will be able to understand their true nature when they examine and reflect on the life they are living. By examining our lives, we will better understand our patterns of behaviour.    


In the coming three-year school plan, we will focus on two main areas:


1.   Implementing cross-curricular activities and projects. For example, students will learn through cross-disciplinary collaboration and they will also be encouraged to develop the habit of writing their own reflective journals about what they have learnt and their learning experiences.

2.   Cultivating students’ self-efficacy through Life Education (self-management, self-discipline, self-achievement, and self-improvement through meditation).


I only want to add that I wish you all the best in the coming year.



Principal Li

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