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Student Leaders passing torches to new students

To continue the spirit of serving the others, “Inauguration Ceremony of New Student Leaders”was held on 30 September, 2015 at the Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No.2. New Student Leaders of this academic year are from student groups such as Christ Followers,“Advancement”(Student Union), Association of Senior Form Students, the Four Houses, Library Prefects, Information Technology Prefects, Animal Ambassadors and Sunshine Ambassadors, exacta.

Student Leaders are “Salt of the Earth”and “Light of the World” as mentioned in Matthew. Student Leaders are to let the light shine before people, glorifying God in the Heaven.

Mr. Stephen Li, the Principal, pointed out that not all leaders are born with characteristics and qualities needed for being a leader. Instead, one can become a leader through working hard in learning and self-cultivation. Mr. Li quoted William Jack Baumol, Princeton University Professor, as saying that an entrepreneur should have ten conditions, such as decisiveness, ability to respond to changes, and willingness to take up challenges. Besides, there are also ten kinds of abilities essential for being a capable leader: ability to judge, creativity, logicality, a plan-oriented mind, insightfulness, persuasiveness, being able to put herself in someone else's place, ability to solve problems, being able to train subordinates, and to motivate them.

Over the years, owing to our teacher’s effort, YCK2 students have been approaching perfection in their development. Mr. YEUNG, Chung Yin (F6C), the Chairperson of the Student Union of last academic year, said serving as a Student Leader enabled him to communicate with people and to learn the importance of retrospection. He is thankful for the school's leadership training programme which allowed him to improve himself, being able to take up the responsibilities with other students and establish an exemplar.

Shouldering responsibilities and honouring promises are important signs of one's reaching maturity. Upon receiving certificates of appointment from Principal Li, the new Student Leaders made a promise with candle lights before the audience that they will serve the school with utmost effort and uphold the spirit of cooperation in order to build a healthy and harmonious school.

Upholding Catholic Education Principles, the Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No. 2 is dedicated to filling the learning environment with love and care. Moreover, the College provides students with diversified learning opportunities, so that students can develop life-long abilities and become the members of the new generation who are confident and able to appreciate themselves to a moderate degree.

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