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YCK2 Walkathon 2015-16 YCK2 Walkathon 2015-16 展步為振強

The walkathon, organized by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), was held on Friday, December 11, 2015 to raise funds for upgrading the IT facilities of the school, subsidizing co-curriculum activities and establishing scholarships and the donations this year exceeded our expectation.

The kick-off ceremony started at 8am. Mr. Peter Lau, our Supervisor led the prayer. Mr. Paul Lau, Chairperson of Parent Teacher Association, and Principal Li gave a speech respectively. In his speech, Principal Li encouraged students to make good use of information technology to learn better.

Mr. David Yu Kai Chiu, Rev. Alejandro Mendez Perez, MG, Mrs. Kwok Wong Mun Yi (Senior School Development Officer, EDB) as well as Ms. Lok Wai Ying (Police Community Relations Officer) were also the honorable guests of the ceremony.

By the Grace of God, the weather was sunny on that day. Hundreds of students, teachers, and parents walked energetically along Chi Fu Road to Pokfulam Country Park and returned at a roundabout for a total distance of about 2km.

About 2 hours later, the students gradually got back to school to enjoy the food prepared by the PTA, the four Houses, Students’ Union, and some interest groups. In the playground, there were basketball and dodgeball matches between teachers and students. Finally, the dedication of songs sung by the principal and teachers brought an end to this meaningful activity.

展步為振強 YCK2 Walkathon 2015-16於12月11日順利完成。學生會、四社、廚藝學會各款美食深受大家歡迎,陳國彪老師、王孟德老師、李漢來老師、李德輝校長得到同學慷慨解 囊,大開金口,令籌款節節上升。感謝各位家長、老師、同學鼎力支持,為發展學校「未來科技教育」出錢出力。

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