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English drama competition

The English Drama Competition was held in the school hall on December 17, 2015 (Friday). There were four participating teams playing “Bad Soup”, “I'm Hungry”, “The Haunted House” and “Too Short”. Between the dramas, Ms. Hannah Ning Chan, an English-speaking magician, delivered an amazing magic show. Mr. Antony To and Mr. Michael Lee served as the teacher adjudicators.


Team 1 (Bad Soup)

F.2A Lai Tsz Yan, So Hiu Ching

F.2C CHOW Wing Yan, TANG Nga Wing, WONG Ling Wai, WONG Suet Ying, CHENG Wing Lok.

1st Runner-up:

Team 4 (I’m Hungry)

F.2C Chan Tak Yeung, Chuck Gee Yin, Augustine, Lee Chun Hin, Yeung Ho Hang, Leung Ho Yin

2nd Runner-up

Team 2 (The Haunted House)

F.1A Chan Sin Ni, Chu Kwai Yan, Tam Lai Kwan, Wong Tsz Ching, Cheng Hui

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