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A pilgrimage visit to Yim Tin Tsai

On Monday, January 11, 2016, our Catholic staff had a spiritual and relaxing trip to the island of Yimtinzi in Sai Kung - a place best known as “The Cradleland of Catholicism in Hong Kong”.

At 9:00 a.m., Principal Li and the staff gathered at Sai Kung Pier to board a ferry to Yimtinzi. Mr. Chan Tsz Leung, our tour guide, led a prayer before departing for the island.

Yimtinzi is a peaceful island. We visited many attractions, such as St. Joseph Chapel, Tsing Boor School, the historical site of the Little Chapel, the Well and Hakka Village Houses. Mr. Chan, who spent most of his childhood on the island, brought us to these attractions and explained the stories behind them. He also encouraged us to contemplate the meanings of these stories to us.

At noon, we had lunch at a village restaurant. Mr. Chan suggested us to eat slowly to appreciate the grace of God.

We stayed at a local church shortly to have some sharing on this trip and our lives before heading back to Sai Kung.

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