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Race for Water 2016 2016「揹水一戰」

"Race for Water 2016" will be held on 13 March 2016 (Sunday) as a prelude to the World Water Day 2016. Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No.2 will be the starting and finishing point.

Through this activity, participants not only experience the hardship of the peasants living in arid areas of China by carrying 4.5 liters of bottled water on the back to complete the assigned 15km or 30km race route, but also raise funds to build water cellars for them. This activity is divided into various categories in the form of competition. Principal Li Tak Fai, Stephen and his team will be one of them. Let's fight for the peasants in arid areas!

揹水一戰2016 余振強紀念第二中學贊助場地 唐婉君老師統籌是次場地安排配合活動,與陳智傑老師召集30多位同學義工從清晨5:45 開始準備。袁浩安老師, 邱振豪老師和YCK2校園電視製作隊負責拍攝,王孟德老師和運動員參加賽事。當然還有李德輝校長身體力行, 帶領總年齡近二百歲的四人隊伍出戰! 感謝露德聖母堂顏成滔神父Fr. Alex和其他教友都一起支持是次善舉,配合活動進行,對堂區教友所造成的不便,敬請體諒!

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