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Understand plastic pollution in the sea 認識海上塑膠污染的環保活動

Plastic Free Seas is an environmental protection organization committed to reducing the scourge of plastic pollution in Hong Kong. To learn about plastic pollution and to help clean the seas in Hong Kong, YCK2 F4 and F5 Biology students and teachers participated in a Beach Clean-up and Data Collection Activity organized by the organization on June 21.

We got on a boat in Aberdeen harbor and headed for Po Toi Island, a beautiful island famous for its rock formation and bird watching, but unfortunately flooded with plastic.

On our way to Po Toi, Ms. Tracey Read, Founder & CEO of Plastic Free Seas, and Ms. Julia Leung, Program Manager (Education), explained to us how they clean the seas. They showed us the method of trawling where they put a box-like net on the surface of the sea and let the boat drag it. She also explained to us how sea life can be affected by plastic by showing us the collected organisms with a microscope.

On Po Toi, we hiked for about 15 minutes to our beach clean-up area. The views from the island are spectacular! However, while walking, we saw so much rubbish along the trails and beaches.

We climbed down a steep rocky area to get to our beach clean-up place. Plastic Free Seas organized a rubbish treasure hunt to make the activity more enjoyable. It was fun, but it was also shocking seeing so much rubbish there. The rubbish was up to our knees! We couldn’t feel the ground, because there was so much rubbish.

We would like to thank Tracey and Julia from Plastic Free Seas for teaching us so much on this amazing adventure.

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