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School Closing and Prize Presentation Ceremony 學行頒獎禮及結業禮

The school closing ceremony was held at our School Hall on the morning of 9 July, 2016 (Saturday). Rev. Gabriel Altamirano Ortega led the prayer and gave a speech to students. He shared with students ‘Story of Five Talents’ in the Bible. He pointed out that our talents, people and things around us are the gifts from God and we should cherish them and increase their values.

Then Supervisor Peter Lau, Chiu-yin used the story ‘Hawk and Chickens’ to admonish students making good use of their gifts from God. Students who do not cherish their gifts from God are like a hawk growing with chickens only admires other hawks spreading wings in the sky without knowing it also has this ability.

In his speech, Principal Stephen Li Tak-fai stressed that students still needed to try their best even though they only have one ‘Talent’. He also showed to students the ‘Route of Technological literacy’ and ‘Cloud STEAM Virtual Campus 16/17’ for future development of teaching and learning. He encouraged students to accept their own inadequacy and stretch their potential by doing more studies and joining more activities during the summer holidays.

In the prize presentation, winning students received their Certificates of Commendation from the hands of Mr. Paul Lau, Chun-tin, Chairman of Parent-Teacher Association, Supervisor, Principal, and Committee members of PTA.

Finally, Tsang Man Ki of 5D gave a speech on behalf of the students. She said that excellent results are obtained by a series of practices, cooperation, failures and more practices. Students can surely get excellent results if they do not give up or feel self-contented. They should adhere to their dreams and goals with a positive attitude.

Finally, 10 teachers received certificates from the Parent-Also-Appreciate-Teachers Drive and the School Closing Ceremony came to an end in the singing of the school song.






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