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Student Leaders Inauguration Ceremonies 領袖生交職禮

2016-17 Student Leaders Passing Torches of Services

To pass on the spirit of service, our Student Leaders’Inauguration Ceremony was held on September 30, 2016. The organizations that the Student Leaders serve include Head Student, Christ Followers, Student Union, Prefects, Library Prefects, IT Prefects, Sunshine Buddy, Student Mentorship Scheme, STEAM Leaders, Sports Team Captain and the Four Houses.

During the ceremony, Principal Li told students to develop leadership skills through practice. Quoting Princeton University Professor William Jack Baumol, he said leaders should demonstrate capabilities in ten aspects, including cooperation, making decisions, organizing, authorizing teammates, adapting to changes, taking responsibilities, innovating, taking risks, respecting others and being a moral exemplar. Moreover, Principal Li pointed out that a successful leader must master the art of communication, safeguard core values of a team, and build enthusiasm in teammates.

Kristy Hung (6C) and Leung Hau Ying (6D), Student Leaders of last academic year, pointed out that Student Leaders must exhibit responsibility, confidence and perseverance, in addition to basic communication skills. They hope that the new leaders can take on missions together, set an exemplar for others and pass on the spirit of YCK2.

Bearing burden and keeping promises are important indicators of personal development. Receiving certificates of appointments from Principal Li, the new student leaders, with candle lights in hands, stood before teachers and students and pledged to build a harmonious school through services and cooperation.






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