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Sister school scheme with the Huizhou City Sports School 余振強紀念第二中學與惠州市體育運動學校締結姊妹學校

On October 17, YCK2 signed a sister school agreement with the Huizhou City Sports School in Huizhou, China. The agreement officially opened the doorway for the exchange of ideas and information between the two schools. The goals of the sister school scheme are to provide opportunities for contact and interaction between the school communities.

  • 加強與內地姊妹學校的交流

  • 舉辦更豐富和多元化的交流活動

  • 讓校內師生受益,兩校的發展更廣及更深。

  • 讓兩地學生一同進行訓練,從而增強運動技巧, 透過彼此交流運動心得,互相分享學習經歷。

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