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Christmas Prayer Ceremony and Celebration 聖誕感恩祈禱

The Christmas Thanksgiving Prayer Ceremony was held on 22nd December with its theme on family. It brought out the message that all poor and weak people are our brothers and sisters. Every one of them is loved by God. This stimulated us to think about the genuine meaning of Christmas: Peace, Joy, Justice and Hope. Our School Manager, Rev. Gabriel Altamirano Ortega, invited us to enter the life of Jesus with our service as the hand of Jesus. He encouraged us to reach out to brothers and sisters all round us and to get long with them in peace and harmony so we would be a tool of peace to cooperate with people in unity. This would break the boundaries between people, which is just like the care and love between family members. All these would make Christmas much more meaningful. We hope each one of us will share our love and care with others during Christmas holidays.


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