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YCK2 Walkathon 展步為振強

YCK2 held its annual fundraising ‘Walkathon’ on January 23. The kick-off ceremony was officiated by school manager, Rev. Gabriel Altamirano Ortega who led the opening prayer and Dr. HL Yu of the school sponsor’s family, Ms. HM Tse, Central, Western and Southern District School Development Officer of EDB, Ms. WY Lok, police constable of the Police Public Relations Department and Mr. Paul CT Lau, the Parent Manager presented certificates and souvenirs to parents, teachers and students who raised the highest amount of funds. Speaking at the ceremony, Principal Stephen Li said that the event will raise more funds to promote the school-based internationalized curriculum and organize diversified co-curricular activities for perfecting an education of a different kind. He was confident that this will provide students with better opportunities.

Under the guidance of the two cute Lions, the fundraising activity began. All the teachers and students walked up Chi Fu Road and then to Pok Fu Lam Reservoir for the target of raising HK$500,000.00 for the school. The activity fully demonstrated the spirit of the unity of YCK2. All proceeds will be used for improvement projects like the 10 classrooms, scholarships and students' co-curricular activities. The fund-raising event was successfully concluded at 1 pm and we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the supporters of the event.


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