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218 Maths & Science Carnival in Neighbourhood 218左鄰右里嘉年華

Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No.2 and Catholic Mission School joint organized the “Maths & Science Carnival in Neighbourhood” on 18th February 2017. The aim of the carnival is to promote students’ interests and knowledge in Mathematics, Science, Astronomy and Technology. Principals, teachers, students and parents from 17 schools have enjoyed the carnival.

The Carnival starts off with a prayer from our supervisor, Mr Lau Chui Yin. Principal Li Tak Fai expresses in his Opening Speech that the Carnival is a good opportunity for students to learn different knowledge in a fun and entertaining way. The Carnival begins after a traditional Lion Dance Performance by students at YCK2.

There are 23 fascinating game booths in total. “Smart Shooter”, the booth designed by CMS, requires players to apply the theory of mechanics. YCK2 Science game booth “1 Minute to win it” is based on the concept of Da Vinci’s bridge. Players need to control the movement of Mbots with iPads in “Mbot in Maze”. “Chemaster” teaches its players the complicated theory of Chemistry. “Human Body Jigsaw Puzzle” tests players’ knowledge on human organs. There are also different Mathematic games on Geometry, Algebra etc. that require good analytical skills. In addition, our students display their different talents in their entertaining performances. Participants surely benefit from this carnival.

Apart from having varies game booths, there is an “STEAM” education exhibition demonstrating the latest trends on “STEAM” education. Principal Lam Hong Kin of Jordan Valley St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School and Principal Fung Lap Wing of St. Edward’s Catholic Primary School give a talk on “STEAM Chicken Soup”. They share about how their schools use STEAM education to motivate students and promote teaching and learning.

The Carnival ends with the election of “My Favourite Booth”. The Winner is “YCK2 Rollercoaster”, the 1st Runner up is “Mbot in Maze” “Mbot x Bridges” comes third. The Carnival has successfully aroused students’ interests in Science and Mathematics, who may play a role in Hong Kong’s Science and Mathematics scene in the near future.


天主教總堂區學校「Smart Shooter」就是應用力學摃捍原理而設計的。余二的「挑戰一分鐘」設計理念採用達文西拱橋原理。「迷宮大暴走」用電腦編程式,再配以藍牙系統,利用平板電腦操作機械人。「化學成份知唔知?」透過遊戲學習化學知識。「器官遊踪」攤位可以讓參與同學學習人體器官位置和功用。此外,不少攤位可以學習幾何圖形,數學遊戲訓練參與者的解難及邏輯思維能力。


由參加者選出最喜愛的攤位,得奬攤位分別是: 冠軍「夢幻飛車」、亞軍「迷宫大暴走」、季軍「過橋抽板」。這次嘉年華會展現了最新香港教育的發展方向,未來香港定能造就更多像高錕舉世聞名的科學家,發掘更多科學數理方面的人才,建設我們的香港,我們的國家。

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