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Cool Platforms—Diverse and Innovative 多元!創新!潮平台!

One after another, Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No.2 has been organizing activities. At Jordon Valley St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School on 24th June, we organized an activity called ‘Cool Platforms—Diverse and Innovative" to provide four different thematic platforms: One school one nurse, English enrichment, Cool way of learning Visual Arts and Belt and Road. Professor Sophia CHAN, JP, Secretary for Food and Health was invited to be the officiating guest. Principals and teachers of more than thirty primary schools actively shared their education experience.

In his speech, Professor Chan said that she agreed with the concept of ‘One school one nurse’ because she hoped that the body and mind of students could both be taken care of and they could also increase their health knowledge. She then presented the ‘Education Pioneer Plaque’ to the representatives of the participating schools and certificates of professional training to the registered nurses.

Ms. Tong YK and Mr. Chan MH explained our STEAM course in ‘Cool way of learning Visual Arts’. Dr. Simon Hoey LEE, MH, Mr. Wong Yung Shing and Principal Li gave a detailed analysis and explanation of the unique role and opportunities of the people of Hong Kong especially in the aviation industry in the ‘Belt and Road’ lecture.




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