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Principal LI speaking in the Flag Raising Ceremony國旗下講話--李德輝校長

Jesus said: ‘Let the children come to me.’ Before I share more with you, let‘s hear the reading from the Gospel of St. Mark. ‘Then were there brought unto him little children, that he should lay his hands on them, and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, ‘Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.’ And he laid his hands on them, and departed thence. What is student-centered education? Just believe them and provide them with free, broad, and equal learning opportunities and environment so that their potential can be fully unleashed. We agree with and uphold the idea of holistic and whole-person development and that teachers will try to innovate the ways they teach and motivate students to learn. However, the most important thing is the "heart". We believe that building on trust is the foundation for a child to build a platform of respecting others and to let the children learn on this platform, after which the outcomes will be unexpected! The seven elements of RESPECT are:

1) Role Model - the teacher leads by setting a good example. With life affecting life, we must make a reflection of life. 2) Encouragement - teachers give students more encouragement, giving them different support. 3) Space - give students the right, suitable space so they can make the most of their creativity. 4) Personal uniqueness – everyone is unique and full of value and has different potential. 5) Expectations - the teacher's highest expectation is to help students to make their dreams come true. 6) Care – making students feel loved, cared, and encouraged at the right time. 7) Trust - trusting children, because they are our shadows; trust them, and they can make a difference.

主耶穌說:「讓小孩子到我跟前來」(谷十14) 有人給耶穌領來一些小孩子,要他撫摸他們;門徒卻斥責他們。耶穌見了,就生氣了,對他們說:「讓小孩子到我跟前來,不要阻止他們!因為天主的國正屬於這樣的人。我實在告訴你們:誰若不像小孩子一樣接受天主的國,決不能進去。」耶穌遂抱起他們來,給他們覆手,祝福了他們。 在教育方面,什麼是以學生為中心的教育?答案就是信任他們,為他們 提供一個自由、廣闊、平等的學習環境,讓他們的潛能得以發揮。我們認同「全人教育、全人成長」的教育理想,老師同學生嘗試向教與學的模式上作出革新。然而,最重要的是「革心」 —— 相信學生能夠在基礎上建立一個尊重RESPECT的平台,讓學生在這個平台上學習,教學的果效將會是意想不到! 尊重(RESPECT)的七大元素包括: 1) Role Model(模範)——老師以身作則,以生命影響生命,我們必須作出生命的反思。 2) Encouragement(鼓勵)——多給學生鼓勵和支持。 3) Space(空間)——給學生適當的空間,才能充分發揮創意。 4) Personal and Uniqueness(個人獨特)——每個人都是獨特、有價值的,每個人的潛能都不 同 。 5) Expectation(期望)——老師的最高期望是希望幫助學生實踐他們的夢想。 6) Care(關心)——令學生感到被愛、被關懷、在適當時候給予鼓勵。 7) Trust(信任)——信任孩子就是信任自己,因為他們是老師們的影子,信任他們,學生才能發揮所長。

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