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YCK2 Walkathon 展步為振強 2018-19

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

The YCK2 Walkathon 2019 fundraising activity was held on 1st February. The activity was organized by the Parent-Teacher Association and the proceeds will be used to develop a better learning environment for students at the school.

We were honoured to have the following special guests officiating the opening ceremony: Dr. Yu Ho Lam, a sponsor of the school, Ms. Chan Shun Ching, Assistant to the Episcopal Delegate for Education, Sister Yau Wing Yee and Mr. Leung Siu Chang of St Paul de Chartres Charity Foundation, Ms. Lok Wei Ying, School Liaison Officer of the Western District Police Community Relations Unit, and Ms. Ki Mui Kuen, Chairperson of the Chi Fu Fa Yuen Residents Association.

The opening ceremony was held at the school playground at 8:15 in the morning. Rev. Victor M. Zavala Contreras, M.G. led the prayer followed by Ms. See Wai Ha, Chairperson of the Parent-Teacher Association and Principal Li giving thank-you speeches. The guests then presented the students with awards for their fundraising performances. After exploding colourful crackers, the guests, accompanied by Ms. Wong She Lai, Shirley, the School Supervisor and Principal Li started the walkathon.

Upon returning to the campus, the students enthusiastically partook in a charity sale. While tasting the specialties of the stalls, they participated in booth games and song dedication activities. In addition, a music performance was arranged to bring the campus to life, with Principal Li making a special appearance singing in a fine voice. Finally, to cap off the event, a highly anticipated basketball match between teachers and junior and senior class students was held in a spirit of harmony and which raised the most funds for the day.

The successful completion of the event is due to the help of all teachers, students, parents and people from all walks of life. Our school will continue to provide a supportive learning environment for students to grow up happily and learn effectively.





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