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YCK2 36th Graduation Ceremony 第三十六屆畢業禮

Date 日期 : 2019-05-30

Time 時間 : 3pm to 5pm

Venue 地點 : Hall

The 36th graduation ceremony was held on May 30. Alumnus Mr. Raymond Pang was the officiating guest. In his prayer, Rev. Victor M. Zavala Contreras, M.G. asked the Lord to keep the graduates growing and take on the future. Ms. Shirley Wong, the school supervisor encouraged graduates to study for life, keep on advancing, and not be afraid of being ripped off in order to face the ever-changing society. Principal Li gave the school report and hoped the graduates could carry forward, give back to their Alma Mater and help their younger schoolmates. The officiating guest, Mr. Pang presented the certificates and gave his speech. Mr. Peng is an internationally renowned artist and he thanked his alma mater for developing his interest in woodwork, drawing and design. He shared that he needed to strive for excellence in his creation through his artwork, "Half-Sweet Melon" in the "Waste wood is not Waste" competition and encouraged students to constantly pursue new knowledge, find directions and live wonderfully. The graduates Chiu Owen and Liu Ziqing expressed their thanks to the school. The graduates also performed a memory of their campus life and presented a carnation to the teachers and parents to express their gratitude. The ceremony ended in a warm and happy atmosphere.


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