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YCK2 STEAM Day 嘉年華

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

To foster students’ interest in learning and deepen their scientific knowledge, a fun filled Science activities and STEAM experiment demonstration was held on 4 th July at Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No.2.

About 200 guests including teachers and primary 4-6 students were invited to join this activity. The participating schools include St. Charles Primary School, Catholic Mission School, Pui Tak Canossian Primary School, SKH St. Joseph Primary School.

In the welcoming speech, Principal Li Tak Fai encouraged students to develop their potential in creativity as well as learning through games and activities. Students are fully immersed in different activities and stall games set up all around the school campus. Some of the most popular games include the VR Learning Experience, Robotic Football Competition, Bio Chem Exploration and Natural Battery Engineering.

The highlight of the day is the STEAM Experiment Demonstrations by our honorable guest, Professor Woo Kam Tin, an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering of HKUST. Professor Woo is renowned for his commitment in promoting the participation of primary and secondary students in robotics and automated systems. During the demonstrations, he encourages an interactive atmosphere among the students. Most students actively engaged in the activities and they shared myriad of fun filled experience.

The day ended with a group photo taking with the use of the drone camera. Everyone had a wonderful day and they were greatly inspired in their curiosity and thinking by the various science activities and the STEAM demonstration.





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