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Congratulations to YCK2 Junior English Debate Team on Winning the Championship in HKSSDC Grand Final

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Our English Language Junior Debate Team has been established since October 2021, led by Miss Rachel TSUI (English Department Head), Mr. Michael Leung (English Teacher), Ms. Rita Pang and Miss Michelle (our Head Coach and Coach respectively).

We would not say it was an easy journey to get through eight matches until our junior team was crowned this championship. The victory counts on the continuous support of our principal, Mr. LI Tak-fai Stephen, the passion from the teachers and coaches and the diligence and hardship paid by the students.

The final was a tough battle and the competition was keen. Our opponent team from Logos Academy and YCK2 team both executed the debate remarkably. Though our debaters, Kasie (2B), Eldrik (2B) and Lanica (1B), possessed little experience in debating matches, they delivered their speeches with clarity and in appropriate manner, which led them to win by a nose. Eldrik was picked as the BEST SPEAKER of this match. Congratulations to the team again and we look forward to seeing their performance.


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