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HKSSDC Grand Final for both junior and senior debate teams

On 31st May, 2022, the junior debate of YCK2, which consisted of three form 2 students—Gurung Syabrina (2B),Ng Eldrik Jhaz(2B) and Kasie (2B), participated in a debate match against Kau Yan College in the second round of the HKSSDC debate competition for the second term. Their coaches included YCK teachers (Miss Rachel Tsui and Mr Michael Leung )and Miss Rita from Sea Change Education. YCK2 took the affirmative side and Kau Yan College took the negative side. The motion was ‘ban all advertising during entertainment content aimed at children.’ Both teams did plenty of research and formulated detailed arguments. All debaters were able to present their ideas with force and confidence. The teams were evenly matched. However, the YCK2 debaters had a slight edge over the opposing team by making effective rebuttals and delivering speeches with good pacing. As a result, the YCK2 junior team had the final victory. Eldrik was given the Best Speaker prize. Since the junior debate team has won three debate matches this year, it will enter the Grand Final of the HKSSDC debate competition alongside the senior debate team. The debaters in the final round will be much more competent, but YCK2 debaters will take up the challenge and strive for excellence.

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