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International Junior Science Olympiad 2021 國際初中科學奧林匹克2021

In September, the International Junior Science Olympiad 2021 – Hong Kong Screening was held. Its aim is to recognise and nurture science talents in the junior forms. Our school’s representatives were Syabrina of 1B, Charmeine of 2C and Ng Hok Lam, Carter of 3B. They had the opportunity to compete with over 400 hundred participants from around Hong Kong. The results of the competition will be announced in the near future. The event is jointly organized by the Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, and the Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education.


「國際初中科學奧林匹克2021──香港選拔賽」(由教育局資優教育組、香港資優教育學苑及香港數理教育學會聯合主辦)旨在識別有科學天賦的初中學生。我校科學組一向重視提升學生的科學素養和探究能力,為此於九月推選 Sybrina(1B)、吳恩穎(2C)及伍學霖(3B)等同學代表學校,與全場四百多名參加者切磋較量。成績尚待公布。不過不管結果如何,同學已得到了寶貴的學習經歷。


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