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Life under COVID-19 pandemic – How I feel about online classes 疫情下新常規──網課心聲

Secondary 1

Hi, my name is Stefanie from 1B and I’m going to share my experience on online classes. This year was my first year in YCK2. I was expecting that we were going to see each other face-to-face. However, the school was suspended due to the pandemic. Thanks to the online class, I was still able to make friends easily with my supportive classmates. After class, we would chat through Microsoft Teams and we became closer to each other.

The teachers were dedicated too. Besides solving our minor technical problems, they gave us hard copies of learning materials beforehand and prepared illustrative and colourful PowerPoints, through which we could clearly know the main points for each lesson. Therefore, we could easily follow the lesson content and learn effectively.


今年是我在余二的第一年,本以為可以在校園與大家見面,卻換來疫情停課。幸好有Microsoft Teams網課,我們仍可結交新同學,互勵互勉。課堂結束後,我們用聊天室閒話,彼此就開始熟絡。此外,老師盡心盡力,設想周到,除了幫我們掃除上網技術困難,更預先為我們編印好筆記和習作,上課時又有明晰和精美的簡報,讓我們學習得心應手。

1B 戴美雅


Secondary 2

The world has been struck by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, and our lives are all heavily affected. Schools had to adopt online mode in September. Although we didn’t have to wake up early to get to school, I faced some difficulties with online classes. For example, there were some technical issues and network problems at home. Also, I think that the learning atmosphere wasn’t as strong when we received classes online. I think that I became less active and responsive when I was doing online classes. I found it harder to ask teachers questions online too.

However, when there is a will, there is a way. I have developed better self-learning and research skills because of that. I have also reminded myself to stay attentive when having online classes. I am sure these skills will facilitate my learning journey ahead.

Although I have adjusted to online learning, I still want school to return to normal as I miss my friends and teachers, as well as the different extra-curricular activities I have to do. I hope the pandemic will pass in no time.







2A Lee Lai Shuen

Secondary 3

I was excited to know that school was finally going to start online classes in September. After all, I had been staying at home for a long time due to the pandemic. Although the opportunity to return to online school life was not as good as meeting my friends and teachers face-to-face, I was still happy.

Actually, I quite enjoyed online classes. I liked that I didn’t have to waste any time on commuting. I could do homework and revision right after class. I also concentrate better at home, meaning my time was spent more efficiently.

However, there was one major problem. WIFI. The wifi at my home wasn’t very stable. There were times where I couldn’t answer teachers’ questions because of technical issues. And my eyes do get strained after spending long hours in front of tablet screen. Luckily my mum got me a pair of blue light glasses. Overall, I am happy that I could keep learning during this difficult time.




3A Ye Zixuan


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