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Science Taster Lesson:How Science Fights Against the Virus 科學體驗課:科學與抗疫

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Science Taster Lesson:How Science Fights Against the Virus

On 4th May, the Science Team of our school held an online science taster lesson in cooperation with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Our students Charmeine and Hillary went to the HKUST and worked with Prof. Kwan Kit Jason Chan and Prof. Pak Hang Peter Cheung. They filmed a serious of science demonstrations in a lively way. The contents included the science of COVID-19, the virus and the information of different daily necessities to fight against the disease. The second part of the lesson was held live by our school science teacher Mr. Leung, with the assistance of our student Raphael. They conducted an experiment about methanol and ethanol, and showed how to make alcohol-based handrub. Lastly, the participants interacted with Dr. Fire and Mr. Leung in the question-and-answer session so that students got more useful sciencitifc knowledge.

The online taster lesson is our new experience. The contents are diverse and the lesson has given students the most relevant practical information in Science.






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