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Parents' Day

Date : 2016-04-30 (Saturday)

To foster closer home-school cooperation, our Parents’ Day was held at 2:30pm on Saturday, 30 April 2016 after Test Week.

The Principal made a welcome speech to all the parents who attended and was followed by the presentation of prizes to students with outstanding performance in conduct and academic results.

Two talks were arranged for parents to give them some tips on boosting the happiness index of students and handling their psychological and emotional problems. The talks were given by a Caritas social worker, Miss Yau and the Education Psychologist of our school, Miss Avie Lam respectively. Most parents found the talks inspiring and constructive.

After the talks, the parents went up to the classrooms to meet the class teachers and receive the test result slips of their sons or daughters. It was a good opportunity for parents and teachers to discuss the studies and personal development of students. The day ended with a BBQ held in the school playground for graduated alumni, parents and their children.


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