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Science Taster Lesson: Students’ Reflection 科學體驗課同學反思

Charmeine Oh: 

“I’m extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in the awesome science day at HKUST. This was beyond a normal lesson - not only was it a chance to learn a lot about science through the STEAM programme, but also a chance to practice my acting skills on camera. Science never seems to disappoint me, and I will always be excited to join such interactive lessons.  

Originally, we had a script to follow, but Jane and I ended up saying what we normally would in class, so we weren’t really pressured and we sounded rather natural in the recordings. I never became tired despite having to stand behind the counter for quite a while. We did some experiments and it was super interesting. I was genuinely fascinated by the experiments and concepts they taught me there. I learned so much while still producing a good acting performance. I think Jane definitely had an unforgettable time as well. I’m truly happy that I had the chance to visit HKUST, and do experiments with the professors and teachers.”

Jane Hillary Chan: 

“Having heard about this special science day event, I was extremely happy and honoured to be on camera with Prof. Peter and Dr. Fire - and of course, to be with my classmate and best friend Charmeine - to partake in some science experiments.  

I had a lot of previous experience with science, though usually science is quite boring for me and it has never been my favourite subject. However, after having spent that day learning with Prof. Peter and Dr. Fire, it's actually a really fun and interesting subject. Doing experiments with the professors has made me become more interested in learning about how to conduct scientific experiments! 

Although it was hard and a bit nerve wracking at the beginning – especially being filmed with the famous Professor Chan - time soon started to pass quite quickly. Charmeine got along really well with the professors, which made me feel more comfortable! 

Despite a long period of shooting with Charmeine, it turned out just the way we wanted it to, while working together as a team. I think these challenges made us stronger in our ability to collaborate. Ultimately this was a great challenge that paid off in many ways, and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience. After a tiring day of intense focus and interesting experiments, I truly wish I can have the opportunity to do this again someday. Any chance to be in a laboratory again in the future sounds exciting to me!”












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