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Steam Extended Lesson 2 (Aberdeen St. Peter's Catholic Primary School)

Date : 2016-05-31 (Tuesday)

Our STEAM group, with the help of ipad and mbot, a programmable mechanical car, has brought the classic virtual game "MARIO KART" into reality. The robot car, controlled by a cartoon character, had three balloons symbolizing its "life value". The winner of the game was the one who could first prick its opponent’s balloons with their mechanical cars. First, we taught students to use the G-sensor of ipad as controller to control their cars freely with their programs. Then, they installed three balloons and a pin on their cars for attack and defense. After continuous testing and improvement, students started a pleasurable 'Balloon fight' with other cars. Through the game, students learned about simple programming and engineering and cooperating with others. By combining learning with recreation, the day's learning ended with the  laughter of students.


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