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Suspending classes without suspending learning 停課不停學

Suspending classes without suspending learning

During class suspension, our school kept close contact with students through Microsoft Teams. Students were required to attend interactive online classes every day. Teachers supported teaching and learning with tailored e-resources and teaching materials. This platform facilitated teachers and students’ communication, as well as, peer interactions during this difficult time.


延長復課期間,學校利用Microsoft Teams與學生保持聯繫。同學按「網上互動學習時間表」,與各科老師和同儕一起上課,互動學習,並就課題和課業作即時提問或回應。科任老師調適了教材,也提供了多元的網上學習資源,既照顧教學進度,也保持同學的學習需要和興趣,為正式復課前做好銜接準備。


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