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“The Battle of the Bards” Champion

Dear All,

YCK2 participated “The Battle of the Bards”. It is a competition where students perform a dramatic Shakespearean monologue in front of an audience and judges. Participants are divided into categories based on age, and each student performs their piece within their respective category. At the end of the event, the judges determine the overall champion.

Keith from Form 3B was one of the participants and gave a fantastic performance, which earned him the champion title in his age category. He competed against both local and international students. Overall, all participants were impressive in their performances.

Besides this, the junior debate team won the Championship of UNSDGs Debating Competition 2022/23 S3 CMI category which was organized by the UNESCO Hong Kong Association and supported by department of English, City University of HK.

We congratulated all the winners and teachers who did a very good jobs! We hope that our debate team will getting much stronger to perform well in the future competitions.

Thank you very much for your attention.

God bless,

Li Tak Fai Stephen


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