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The International Day of Peace 世界和平日

The International Day of Peace on 21st September is an annual worldwide event that draws everyone’s attention across the globe. The theme of this year was “Shaping Peace Together.” We hoped to celebrate the day by spreading our compassion, kindness and hope to others in the face of the pandemic.

To avoid close social contact, the school switched the event from the stage to an online platform this year. We had created a new IG account (yck2_interpassional_) and invited all students of our school to record a short video to spread the message ‘Shaping Peace Together’. Students were asked to simply say something to bless others, sing a song or dance, or share something interesting and creative.

Among all participants, Finn from 1B, recited a poem on peace and received ‘MOST LIKE’. Jan from 4B, followed by Vj, also from 4B were the next most popular participants. Applause and praise go to these students.


每年的9月21日「世界和平日」,全球各地都有民眾為和平祈福。今年主題是「共塑和平」,希望在疫情下傳遞關愛、善意和盼望。今年同學在網上平台參與活動。同學拍攝有趣的短片上載余二Instagram (yck2_interpassional_),以祝福語、歌曲、舞蹈等形式傳頌和平友愛。1B Finn同學以詩篇禮讚和平,收獲最多「讚」。4B Jan和VJ的作品也同樣受歡迎。大家記住登入IG欣賞同學的心思。


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