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Zhaoqing Sports Cultural Exchange Tour 肇慶體育文化交流學習團

Led by Principal Li, a group of 16 students went to Zhaoqing Sports School for a four-day exchange tour. Not only did our students experience school life in mainland China, they trained together with student athletes there. Students also enjoyed visiting tourist attractions in Zhaoqing. 

Zhaoqing Sports School is a well-known school in Guangzhou province. Our school has formed a sister school partnership with it to promote regular exchange and collaboration.

Student’s Reflection: 1A Lee Lai Shuen

Before leaving for Zhaoqing, I was full of expectations: Will I make progress in this beautiful place?

On the first day there, we visited Qixing Lake. The night view was so incredible.  

On the second day, before our high jump training in the morning, we took a 1600m run for warm up. The coach was really nice. He claimed he would make us lose 6 pounds here. But I’m not going to make life easy for him, I’m going to make him lose 30kg! 

The coach was actually very professional. He showed us some useful techniques in high jump. Thanks to him, my personal best has improved from 1.1m to 1.25m! We should never limit ourselves!

When I woke up on the third day, my muscles were so sore, but a long day of training awaited me. I practiced really hard under the coach’s guidance. With his constant feedback and encouragement, I was pleased that I made good improvements. I found out that the run before a jump is crucial for a good jump. 

Then came the last day of the tour. I didn’t want it to end. It had been a very rewarding four days. I learnt that we have to constantly challenge ourselves and be fearless if we want to be better. I have so much respect for athletes now. Those training sessions were no joke! I hope to return for more training in the future!



同學感想: 1A李麗旋








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