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已設立 Microsoft Teams 測試平台, 學生可以於 20/8-22/8 (6:00-8:00PM) 與家長一起登入試用

A Microsoft Teams Classroom is setup. Students and Parents can login to Teams between 6:00-8:00pm from 20/8 to 22/8.

登入Microsoft 365 網上學習系統

Login Microsoft 365 e-Learning Platform

Microsoft 365 登入指引



Microsoft 365 登入指引



Guide to login Microsoft 365 (Computer)

English Version

Guide to login Microsoft 365 (smartphone or tablet)

English Version

登入 eClass Parent App

Login eClass Parent App

eClass Parent app 登入指引


Login eClass Parent App

English Version

e-Learning in YCK2

Each student is provided with a YCK2 IT Account, using a single student account to enjoy the following IT services. The account will be deleted after graduation or leaving, and access to all IT services including email address will be ceased.


WiFi (Student)
Students who have join the BYOD programme can use the school WiFi network on their devices throughout the campus. The device connects to WiFi network "yck2_BYOD" automatically.

Computer Logon (Student)
The account can be used to logon to PCs in the Library and Computer Rooms.

Microsoft 365 (Student)


To logon to Microsoft 365, please append to your student number.
A copy of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus can be downloaded to students' computer. Mobile devices apps can be downloaded from respective app stores, then use the school account to verify identity.


Managed Apple ID for education (Student) 
For BYOD devices, each student is assigned a Managed AppleID to use the managed apps.


eClass (Student, Parent)
eNotice, school announcement, school calendar, eHomework list, student performance can be found there.

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