Mr. Ronald Chan, Assistant Principal

Mr. Stephen Li, Principal

Ms. Sharon Lo, Assistant Principal

Mr. Chan Chi Kit

Personal, Social & Humanities, Mathematics, 5C FM

Ms. Chan Chi Kin

Chinese Language

Mr. Chan Man Bun

Technology and Mathematics


Mr. Chan Tsz Kin

Personal, Social & Humanities, Religious Studies


Mr. Chan Ming Hang



Ms. Chan Po Ling

Chinese Language

Ms. Chan Ying Ha

Chinese Language, 6C FM


Ms. Cheng Wai Fong 

Mathematics, 1A FM

Mr. Cheung Lok Tin

Chinese Language


Ms. Choi Chi Ling

Library Master, Mathematics


Ms. Fung Yuen Ying



Mr. Hau Hon Leung



Mr. Kwok Yau Wai

Physical Education, 6B FM


Mr. Lam Mei Ling

Putonghua, Chinese History, 2B FM


Mr. Lam Suet Kam

Chinese Language, 6A FM


Mr. Lam Wai Hon



Ms. Lau Yun Yun

Chinese Language

Ms. Lee Hon Loi

Personal, Social & Humanities, 5A FM


Ms. Lee Po Hung

Personal, Social & Humanities


Mr. Leung Chi Kit

Physical Education

Mr. Leung Chung Hong

English Language

Mr. Leung Tik Ka



Mr. Lipert Guy Charles

English Language, 1B FM

Mr. Lo Yuk

Chinese Language, Religion, 4C FM

Ms. Lui Mei Lee

English Language

Mr. Ng Chi Sun

Personal, Social & Humanities, Technology, 4A FM

Ms. Ng Ka Lee

School Sports Promotion Coordinator

Mr. Ng Tung Yeung

Religion, Science

Mr. Sze Yu Chun

Science, 1B FM

Mr. Tang Ka Lun

Personal, Social & Humanities

Ms. Tong Yuen Kwan

Art, 2A FM

Mr. Tsang Sui Wing

English Language

Ms. Tse Yuen Yu

English Language, 6C FM

Ms. Tsui Chi Pong

English Language, 1C FM

Mr. Weinberger James Kardas

English Language

Mr. Wong Shek Lam

Science, Mathematics, 3A FM

Ms. Yam Leung Ying

Art and Religion, 3B FM

Mr. Yau Chun Ho

IT, Music and Mathematics

Mr. Yeung Siu Lan

Discipline Master, Mathematics

Mr. Yip Yuk Fai

Physical Education

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