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Extra Curricular Activities


Mr. Ronald Chan 陳國彪老師


Ms. Avis Tong 唐婉君老師

Head, Student Union Advisor

Mr. Lam Wai Hon 林煒漢老師

Secretary, House Master-Michael House , Club

Ms. Lee Po Hung 李寶紅老師

House Master-Gregory House 文藻社

Mr. Chan Tsz Kin 陳子健老師

House Master-Leo House 之藻社

Ms. Rachael Tsui 徐芷邦老師


Ms. Fung Yuen Ying 馮婉瑩老師

Student Union-Member

Mr. Chan Ming Hang 陳銘享老師


Ms. Chan Ying Ha 陳影霞老師


Ms. Whitney Chan 陳鳳如小姐

Clerical Support

Mr. Charles Kwok 郭榮佳先生

Clerical Support

Academic  Groups

Teacher in Charge: Ms. Pat Tsz Ching

Chinese Club

Uniform  Groups

Scout-220th HKG


-To operate an education movement for young people providing them with challenging and progressive training programmes for their physical, intellectual, social, spiritual and aesthetic development.

Interest  Groups

Photography and Video Club

Teacher in Charge: 

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