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YCK2 IT Account

Each student is provided with a YCK2 IT Account, using a single student account to enjoy the following IT services. The account will be deleted after graduation or leaving, and access to all IT services including email address will be ceased.


WiFi (Student)
Students who have join the BYOD programme can use the school WiFi network on their devices throughout the campus. The device connects to WiFi network "yck2_BYOD" automatically.

Computer Logon (Student)
The account can be used to logon to PCs in the Library and Computer Rooms.

Microsoft 365 (Student)


To logon to Microsoft 365, please append to your student number.
A copy of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus can be downloaded to students' computer. Mobile devices apps can be downloaded from respective app stores, then use the school account to verify identity.


Managed Apple ID for education (Student) 
For BYOD devices, each student is assigned a Managed AppleID to use the managed apps.


eClass (Student, Parent)
eNotice, school announcement, school calendar, eHomework list, student performance can be found there.

Policy and Procedure

IT Policy and Procedures

  1. Students can use College ICT resources if authorized by teachers. Students can bring their own device for use at school.

  2. College ICT resources and students’ own devices may only be used for educational purpose as instructed by teachers.

  3. Devices outside the College ICT resources (e.g. mobile phones, iPads, Androids, digital cameras, mp3 players, etc.) may not be used during school hours unless by permission of teachers whilst under their direct supervision. During school hours, these devices should be switched off.

  4. Students require teacher permission to use the College ICT resources at school outside of class time. The use of student devices outside of class time also requires teacher permission. Prior permission should be sought if students are not under direct teacher supervision.

  5. In case of need, the School has the right to review the content on the mobile devices. Parents will give the right to the School to review the content on the students’ mobile devices even though the content inside might involve a third party other than the student. The School should not be held liable of breaching any Privacy ordinances in this instance.

  6. The following offensive material or conduct is strictly not permitted and will be dealt with in accordance with the School Regulations and in some instances may result in the College involving the Police or other government agencies:


a.     infringing a person’s copyright or other intellectual property rights

b.     defaming a person or an organization
c.     containing sexually explicit, indecent, obscene or pornographic material
d.     discriminating against a person on the basis of, for example, sex, race, religion, disability or age
e.     dealing with a person’s personal information in a way that breaches privacy laws
f.      racial harassment or inciting racial hatred
g.     introducing or passing on malicious software (“virus”)
h.     disruption to the school’s networks
i.      breaching school security
j.      constituting a ‘cybercrime’
k.     any other act or material otherwise contrary to school rules or policy


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