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1st Term Academic & Conduct Award presentation

Date: 2016-03-02

Our Parents’ Day with Prize-giving ceremony was held on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon on 28th February, 2016. Parents accompanied by their sons or daughters came to our school at the designated time to discuss with class teachers their children’s behavior at school and first term examination results. 

The prize-giving ceremony was held in the school hall at 3pm. The school supervisor Mr. Peter Lau, Principal Li, Mr. Paul Lau (Chairman of PTA) and Mr. Wong Chi Keung (Vice-Chairman of PTA) presented the prizes and scholarships to the students with good conduct and outstanding academic results in the first term.

In his speech, Principal Li encouraged the prize winners to develop their talents and keep working towards their goals. He also pointed out that the school was going to promote an Information Technology learning scheme to help with students’ learning.

The ceremony ended with a loud applause in an atmosphere of joy


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