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Life Education Program 2015 (Coffee Education)

Upholding Catholic principles in school management, Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No. 2 has devoted itself to all-round development of teenagers, helping students to explore their potentials while encouraging them to care for others. It is our pleasure to present to you one of our initiatives in this endeavor - Life Education Program 2015 (Coffee Education).

Powered by ICT-in-PE Foundation and Pregio Café, Life Education Program 2015 (Coffee Education) comprises a number of events aiming to introduce to our students the field of coffee assessment as a profession and catering for an environment conducive to English learning.

Chester Tam was the host of a talk on coffee assessment which was the first event of the program. A judge at World Barista Championship (WBC) and at World Latte Art Championship (WLAC), Chester is also the first trainer certified by the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) in his own right.

During the talk held on August 31 in the school hall, Chester discussed the differences between authentic coffee and those sold in major coffee house chains. The audience including students and teachers tasted different types of coffee prepared by him in a relaxing atmosphere; and our student volunteers served as helpers bringing them cups of coffee. In the event, not only did the students know more about coffee assessment, but they also learned that commitment and sincerity are essential to everything that is meant to be successful.

Mr. Stephen Li, our Principal,was gratified by our students' willingness to learn from the coffee expert and served the audience in the hall. He believed that Life Education Program 2015 (Coffee Education) has not just promoted the quality of life, but also encouraged students to care for others. This is a promising outcome owing to the contribution of our students and teachers.

Seeing that coffee brewing caters for a good opportunity for learning English, Mr. Li asked Chester if he could bring our students to Pregio Café and let them observe how he runs the café. Chester said he would arrange for the students a field visit to his shop to teach them hand dripping and show them how his coffee shop operates. This outing will be the next event of Life Education Program 2015 and also part of the school's Career Planning Program.

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