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Secondary School Tour in Southern District and YCK2 Open Day 2016 2016南區中學巡禮暨開放日

The Secondary School Tour in Southern District 2016, co-organised by Aberdeen Kaifong Welfare Association, Federation of Parent-Teacher Association (Southern District) and our school, was held on 20th November 2016. It was also our school open day to let the parents and primary 6 students in the district know more about YCK2. In the opening ceremony, Principal Mr. Lee Tak Fai introduced our big changes and the implementation of the school-based internationalised curriculum. The SBI curriculum aims to provide non-Chinese students from every corner of the world quality education that develops a global mindset and vision among all students. To find out more about STEAM education and the other programmes, parents and the guests were fond of touring around the special classroom led by our student ambassadors. They were amazed by various learning activities happening around the school, such as the exciting robotic competition at the Arts Corridor in LG, the interesting English learning activity at Amazing Classroom and the reality drama show ‘Teens’ at the ‘YCK2 is my Home’ area as well as the fascinating games with a variety of interesting topics held at different game booths in STEAM Education Centre, Arts Corridor, Modern Chinese Studies Centre and Inspiring Science Education Centre. The above are certainly an extraordinary learning experience to every P6 student and a great opportunity for the parents and guests to get familiar with the special learning mode under our SBI curriculum. Certainly, everyone enjoyed the school visit and left with a deep impression of YCK2.

二零一六年十一月二十日,本校聯同香港仔街坊福利會及香港南區家長教師會聯會合辦「南區中學巡禮」,與此同時,本校亦舉行開放日,讓區內家長及小六同學透過參觀學校及出席簡介會從而瞭解學校情況及最新發展。在簡介會上,李德輝校長指出余二經歷了蛻變,現余二實施校本國際化課程,為來自六大州三十多國籍的非華語學生提供優質教育,指出具余二特色的STEAM教育及航天教育,能培養學生國際化視野及世界觀,以迎接世界的機遇。家長對於余二提供不一樣的教育,反應熱烈,隨即參觀余二國際化校園。本校的振強大使擔任導賞員,負責分組向來賓作導賞介紹,參觀者對振強大使的熱情款待讚口不絕。在 LG 「藝術長廊」進行機械人比賽、「奇妙教室」上活動英文課、「振強是我家」觀賞Teen戲、還有在「STEAM教育中心」、「藝術畫廊」、「華夏文化研究中心」和「振強科學教室」設有不同主題的攤位,透過富趣味性及挑戰性的遊戲,讓小六同學體驗國際課程的學習模式。參觀的來賓均對本校留下深刻的印象。

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