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A Talk on Drone Aviation 無人機講座

To prepare our students for the highly value-added society, YCK2 invited two drone experts to our school to give us a talk on June 2 afternoon. They were : (1) Mr Anthony Yip, a Regional Sales Manager of Parrot, a French company specializing in drones & household technological R & D, and drone education; and (2) Mr Wong Yung-Shing, an Aviation Commercial Proprietor & Operator and a Legal Counsel of Property and Aviation & Airport Infrastructure.

The two aviation specialists have been devoted to STEAM (a higher hierachy of STEM ) education and teaching youngsters the usage of drones, aeronautical knowledge and, most importantly, the existing high-paying jobs in the global civil aviation industry.

In view of the increasing importance and popularity of drones in all walks of life, the students have been encouraged to incorporate drones in learning. In the end, students were given a chance to try out a drone. We hope the talk can widen YCK2 students’ horizons of the current technological world.

6月2日,香港無人機飛行俱樂部協會主席黃雍盛先生聯同法國Parrot 無人機公司葉先生應邀主講「為何無人飛機在民航領域為會對年青人上游發展創造機會?」,拓闊學生職業選擇的眼光。

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