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The 34th Annual Sports Day

The 34th Annual Sports Day was held on the 9th and 10th October at Aberdeen Sports Ground. All the events were completed successfully in fine, but windy, weather on the two days. In the opening ceremony, Principal Li addressed the students, teachers and guests and then introduced our Officiating Guest, Ms. Yeung Man-wai, Cecilia, professional high jump record holder of Hong Kong, who shared some words of inspiration with the students. She encouraged them to choose a career they liked as they would feel happier with their everyday work in future.

Following Ms. Yeung’s inspiring words, the Sports Day was kicked off with a blowing of the horn by Principal Li after which students and teachers walked together round the track. Soon the tracks and field were left vacant with only the workers stationed at their posts in readiness for the athletes to compete to go faster, higher and farther. With the support of the spectators, Keung Pui In (F5C) proudly broke two school records in the Girls Senior 800m race and in the high jump.Yam Sai Kit (F5C), Lee Chun Hin (F4C) and Yuvraj-Singh (F1B) won the Boys A-Grade, B-Grade and C-Grade overall championships respectively. Keung Pui In (F5C) and Yiu Kit Ying (F3B) respectively won the Girls Senior and Junior Section overall championship. Paul House got the house championship.

This year, we were delighted to see 14 primary schools sending their teams for the boys and girls 4x100m Invitational Relay competitions. They were Aberdeen St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Precious Blood Primary School (South Horizon), St. Charles School, St. Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Precious Blood Primary School (Wah Fu), S.K.H. Tin Wan Chi Nam Primary School, S.K.H St. Matthew’s Primary School, Yaumatei Catholic Primary School, Kwok Man School, Cheung Chau Sacred Heart School, San Wui Commercial Society School, Raimondi College Primary Section, King's College Old Boys' Association Primary School, TWGHs Hok Shan School. Their participation added colour to our Sports Day.

Before the closing ceremony, members of the Dance Club and cheerleaders of the four houses caught the attention of the audience by their brilliant performances. Finally, Gregory House won the inter-house cheerleading competition. In the closing and prize-giving ceremony, a speech was given by another Officiating Guest Mr. Chau Chi-kwong, Senior Curriculum Development Officer (Physical Ed) of the EDB. By asking students why traditional schools should exist since tutorial schools were already able to help students prepare for public examinations, he argued that traditional schools are indispensable in providing a place for students to pursue their dreams. He encouraged all students to pursue their dreams while they are studying at school.

After the flag-lowering ceremony, the 34th Sports Day came to an end in a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

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