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First Term Parents’ Day cum Prize-giving Ceremony 2017/1

​ The First Term Parents’ Day cum Prize-giving Ceremony was held on 21st January, 2018(Sunday) in a lively atmosphere as many parents and students came to the school.

1. Talk on Senior Secondary Curriculum and Electives—The Senior Secondary Curriculum and career prospects were introduced to let Form three students and parents get some ideas before making their decisions. It’s hoped that Form three students can equip themselves as well as set a clear plan and direction for their further studies.

2. First Term Prize-giving Ceremony---- In the presence of their parents, the prize winners received their awards which were an affirmation of the efforts they made. Principal Li introduced the development of the school and pointed out that it provides a diversified learning opportunity for students to increase their knowledge and interest in learning. Besides, Form one students gave two presentations of their projects. The topics of the projects were ‘Difficulties of Non-white Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong’ and ‘Are we different from each other?’ The presentation was easy to understand. Students have shown their interest in social issues and scientific exploration.

3. Meet with parents and distribution of report cards ----- Parents, accompanied by their kids, meet with the class teachers. It was an opportunity for parents to understand the campus life of their child and give them encouragement as well as instructions.

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