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Condolences to our most Reverend Bishop Michael Yeung in Morning Assembly

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

I feel sad and very deep sorrow over the passing of the Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong, The Most Reverend Michael Yeung.

​Bishop Yeung devoted all of his life to the Catholic Diocese. Since taking over as the Bishop in 2017, he led the Diocese and spearheaded major contributions to Hong Kong including in medical care, education and welfare services. He guided Hong Kong Catholics to actively serve and care for the wider community.

​I knew Bishop Yeung when he was the chairman of the Youth Community in St Mary’s Church, Hung Hom. It was around this time that he received and responded to the calling from God. He served as a Deacon when I was an altar boy and sometimes we served the mass in the same altar. He always helped the poor and tried to do anything for the needy. He gradually became the Chairman of Caritas Hong Kong and took charge of the welfare services of Hong Kong. I was so glad to meet him again in Our Lady of Lourdes Church and at some activities held in YCK2. He was a benevolent person, concerned for people from all walks of life. He, especially, took an interest in young people and the disadvantaged. I, like many people, was greatly inspired by him. ​

​I am deeply saddened by his passing away. I would like to extend my deepest condolences to those close to the respected Bishop Yeung - our servant leader.

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