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Opening Mass and Student Leaders Inauguration

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

Opening Mass and Student Leaders Inauguration (2019)


Opening Mass and Student Leaders Inauguration (2019)

The whole school gathered at Our Lady of Lourdes Church on 25th September for the school’s opening mass and student leaders’ inauguration. Father Rev. Flavien Ulrich Bouambe used the parable of the sower to pray for the students to open their hearts to receive the Word of God in the light of the Holy Spirit, and to show the love and virtue of God in life. He encouraged students to work hard to boost their knowledge, to take responsibility and reflect on themselves, and to practice the spirit of Christ.

During the inauguration ceremony, Principal Li shared the ten qualities of a good leader. He stressed that good leaders should be good at listening, willing to serve, respectful, and courageous. 6C David Yeung shared his experience as a student leader and reminded his successors to be responsible and set good examples to fellow students.

Witnessed by the whole school, the new leaders gave a commitment to building a harmonious and healthy campus in the spirit of “Truth”.


開學感主恩 領袖薪火誓承傳 (2019)




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