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Aviation Project in YCK2

Flight No. YA716 of YCK2 Airlines made its maiden flight to Shenzhen on 16 July from the third runway at Chi Fu Close, Pokfulam, Hong Kong...more Date:2016-7-16 Time:2:15 -4:30 pm Venue:Yu Chun Keung Memorial College No.2 Guests:Ir Prof Albert Kwan (professor of HKU)                Mr. Vince Trevertaon CPL (Current Cathay Pilot)                Mr. Joseph Ho (Associate Director of RFHK-Government Consultant)                Ir Simon Mak (CEO of HKAI)                Mr. Ringo Yip (Deputy Chairman of HKAI)                Mr. Austin Wang (Course Director of Aero Engineering - HKAI)                Ms Karen Leung (PPL and GIS Specialize)                Supervisor Tsoi (Catholic Mission School/Jordan Valley St. Joseph's Primary School)                Principal Fung (Catholic Mission School)                Principal Chow (Mary of Providence Primary School)                Principal Mak (Jordan Valley St. Joseph's Primary School)                Principal Leung (Tai Kok Tsui Catholic Primary School <Hoi Fan Road>)


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