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Battle of the Books Semi-Finals and Finals

Throughout this school year, a group of 2B and 1B students at YCK2 participated in the Battle of the Books competition, a reading challenge that required them to read 12 novels and recall key information, facts, and events. After months of hard work and dedication, the team of nine students competed against two other schools in the semi-finals and placed first.

Eager and confident, the team advanced to the finals, where they faced tough competition, but still had a great time. Despite finishing as second runner up, the team should be proud of their outstanding performance and overall success. The star player, 1B Shane, read all 12 books three times, and his commitment and dedication were vital to the team's success. Congratulations also to 1B Adam, Dylan, Alfred, and Muskaan, who read all 12 books and contributed significantly to the team's achievements.

We hope that next year, all Junior form students interested in reading will join in this exciting competition and continue the tradition of success for YCK2's Battle of the Books team.


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