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"Beijing Historical and Cultural Study Tour"

The Humanities Department of our school held a "Beijing Historical and Cultural Study Tour" during the Christmas holiday of 2023. Led by Mr. CH Leung, Mr. PT Chan, Ms. YL Chan and Ms. YT Chan, students visited important historical and cultural sites of Beijing, the capital city of our country. From the Bird's Nest of the 2008 Olympics, the Great Wall built by the Qin and Han dynasties, the Forbidden City built in the Ming and Qing dynasties (including the Tiananmen flag-raising ceremony), to the Summer Palace, the Confucius Temple, the Imperial College, etc., the tour enhanced students' understanding of traditional Chinese culture and strengthened our sense of belonging to our great country. Luhe Middle School (now a key school in Beijing), founded by the American Congregational Church in 1867, invited our teachers and students to visit the school. Teachers conducted professional exchanges and students of the two schools established valuable friendship during the short visit time.


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