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Chinese Week Activities

This year’s Chinese Week came to a successful end. The Chinese Department invited Mr. Law, our school teacher and Dr Wan, an off-campus guest to give talks to students on Chinese culture. The talks covered wide-ranging themes──S1: Chinese Traditional Food Culture; S2 and S3: The proper conduct of youngsters; S4: Taoist Philosophy of Life Skills; S5: Taoist View of Nature. Through the talks, students got to know more about the profound Chinese culture. After each talk, students would deliver excellent keynote speeches on the theme.

The Chinese Department also set up game booths in the school hall during lunch time. The themes of the game booths were "Cantonese & Putonghua Tongue Twisters”, “Innovative Paper Cuts” and “Enjoy Chinese Classics”. Both teachers and students enjoyed the games which combined learning with recreation.

As always, Chinese teachers invited all students to participate in Chinese creative activities like Book Report Competition, Chinese Essay Competition and Slogan Competition.

Game booths

Date and Time : 26 May, 1:20 pm to 1:50 pm

Themes : Cantonese & Putonghua Tongue Twisters, Innovative Paper Cuts, Enjoy Chinese Classics


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