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Christmas Prayer Ceremony and Celebration

Date : 2015-12-21 (Monday)

Our Christmas Prayer Ceremony with “Freedom of Self-Control” as the theme was held on December 21, 2015 in the school hall. Rev. Deacon William Li Fook Sung officiated at the ceremony.

In his sermon, Rev. Deacon Li told us to discern the relation between freedom and self-control. He said that we could enjoy more freedom if we had more self-control.

After the ceremony, there was a lucky draw for all the students. Principal Li also sang a song to show his appreciation of the teachers and told students to be grateful for their teaching. He also dedicated his song to our special guests, Mr. Gregory May and Ms. Teresa Lo, who were the 1st and 2nd principal of this school as well as Mr. David Yu, a member of the Yu family, to thank them for their contribution to the school.


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