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English week

Date : 2016-04-25 To 28

English Week activities were held from 25 to 28 April in our school. The theme of this year was ‘Healthy Living’. Many activities were held throughout the week, such as Students’ Work Display, Penmanship Competition, and Song Dedication.

Game stalls were put up in the covered playground during lunchtime on Thursday. There were Spellathon, Picture Matching, Plank Fitness Test, and Sports Name Challenger. Each participant was given a stamp once he or she had completed a game; with five stamps collected, they could get stationery as awards. Teachers of other departments, such as Mr. H.L. Li, Head for Personal, Social and Humanities Education, also tried out the Plank Fitness Test. All in all, students learnt new English vocabulary and had a little bit of workout. It was a relaxing moment in which teachers and students shared the fun of learning English.


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