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HKU’s TAP 2022/23 X YCK2

We are proud that Ms. Rachel Tsui (English Panel Head), Mr. Antony Ng (Science Panel Head) and Mr. Wong S.L. (Integrated Science Panel Head) have represented YCK2 to complete the TEACHER AMBASSDOR PROGRAMME 2022/23 hosted by the Education Department of Hong Kong University.

Our teachers had the chance to attend two to three workshops/training sessions (including one to two subject-based workshops) on how to conduct subject-based professional lesson observations, including post-lesson conferencing supported by theory and practice. They were also invited to work alongside (through a process of co-learning) our own Faculty colleagues to conduct Professional Practicum lesson observations and support undergraduate and/or postgraduate student-teachers) as well as visiting the teacher education classes at HKU, offering insights and advising to beginning teachers.

The TAP programme has enabled our YCK2 teachers to develop professionally by broadening their supervisory and leadership skills and empowered them to broaden their repertoire through understanding other school settings and cultures. As such, professional dialogue and capacity could be enhanced across different educational sectors and schools.

Once again, we congratulate Ms. Tsui, Mr. Ng and Mr. Wong on their success of the completion of TEACHER AMBASSADOR PROGRAMME 2022/23.

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