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Life-wide Learning Activities - F.4 A visit to Cathay Pacific City & Civil Aviation Department HQs

Date : 2016-01-27 (Wednesday)

To let our F.4 students know more about Hong Kong’s aviation industry, the English Department organised a  visit to Cathay Pacific City and Civil Aviation Department (CAD) Headquarters on 27 January.

During the visit to Cathay Pacific City, the Headquarters of Cathay Pacific Airways, students got to know the daily operation of this local airline company. They visited the Crew Lounge, a place where pilots and crew members convene and discuss matters concerning their flights, the Flight Training Centre, Cabin Mock-up and Check-in Counter Mock-up. A group photo was taken with Niki, a propeller-driven aircraft situated outside the Cathay City building at the end of the visit.

In the CAD HQs, a docent led students tour three different galleries and explained to them in detail the aviation history of Hong Kong and how the busy air traffic is controlled by this government department. During the visit, students learned many things regarding the daily operation of the department and its important function.

Many of our students were interested in knowing how to join the CAD. They were told that applicants should be able to communicate fluently with pilots in English. So they need to have a good command of English.


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